Did my mother hide the dress because she was jealous?

I went shopping with my mother. Helped her pick an outfit for a Christmas party. I gave her a dress and she made a face, then I said it was for her and she smiled saying she wouldn't fit into it.

I was passing a dress and pointed out to it, (it was for me). She was trying to say it was a slutty dress (it wasn't in the least, it was almost full-length). I suspected even at the time that she was jealous.

I ransacked my room and couldn't find it. Later on I went to her room and sure enough the dress was lying (in the bag it was purchased in), beside the sofa.

Why would she do that if she wasn't?


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  • Coincidence may be?

    • Maybe. But why would she hide that dress in particular? It was easily the most beautiful dress in the store.

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    • I know you are not liking that I am trying to take her side, but are we not reading too much into her behavior?

    • No you don't even know her, I am not liking that because she is a mother you expect her to be above such behaviour.

      Some mothers are bad mothers, there's no other way to put it.

      I think she is jealous of my looks. She was never as beautiful as I was. One time I showed her a picture of me and she said wow you look so nice, you don't even look like yhou. You don't even look like you (she said it didn't look like me three times).

      Another time I remember puttin on lipgloss and she was just staring at my lipgloss it was so weird.

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  • Maybe she was curious about how it looked on her and she tried it on and forgot to return it.


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