Self Confidence?

Happy New Year everyone!

I'm a 15 year old girl. I'm a little bit chubby but not by much. I'm short (5'1 I believe). I have a lot of stretch marks (all over my thighs, the sides of my tummy and the sides of my boobs). I look really awkward sometimes in my opinion (ex: I used to always look really cute when I was a pre-teen & younger, but now in photos I look odd and proportionate however in my own I look okay.) I honestly don't eat healthy at all & never did (my parents idea of good meals are TV Dinners.) I do have some scars on my body from when I used to get abused by someone (please don't ask). I'm always biting on my lips because I have extreme anxiety. I wish I had a clearer, purer looking face.

I'd like to drink lots more water every day. I'd like to eat healthier. I'd like to excercise more (even if it's just in my room). I'd like to do little things like getting my eyebrows done, nails, maybe a facial treatment etc... Like a spa day! lol.

I need some help on things I can do to help improve my confidence. I have depression and it started about 2 years ago and that's when I started looking bad. I really started to not care for myself. Thanks! (:
I meant to say I look un-proportionate.


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  • Don't worry about the imperfections. They are not important to guys. Short is good. You're the same height as my mum and my sister. A little bit of chubbyness is so hot.

    What should you do? Pick one little thing at a time and try and change that. Your face? Probably just fine. We all think we're worse than what we actually are.

    Welcome to GAG, as well. Hope you stay for a while!

    • Thank you! :) I have a question for you.

      Would stretch marks effect you liking or thinking a girl is cute? I have them all over my thighs & the sides of my hips & boobs. It's what I'm most insecure about. I see a lot of girls that don't have them with perfect skin and I get very insecure. :(

    • It makes no difference to any guy that finds you an interesting lady. Personality wins every time. Any guy that rejects you because of minor imperfections, which we all have, is not worth worrying about. So many people, guys and girls, are sometimes very shallow. Avoid them, anyway.

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  • ... This was me? I got my self more confidence by finding plus models and stores catering to bigger girls like torrid, and I feel so much cuter. Have you considered dying your hair or getting a pair of hidden heels? W/ dyed hair I feel like it gives me confidence, and draws people to get to know me, and of course, the heels will casually bump you up 2" haha

    • haha I've done that before (the plus size stores). I'm a tomboy tho so the heels don't really work for me. :(

      Thank you! :D

    • The heels I used are hidden and look like sneakers, but its your choice :)

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