How to have sex or cuddle with a guy while wearing foundation without it getting messed up or rubbing on there clothing?


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  • When you apply your make-up, apply a good primer (avoid the cheap stuff). If you aren't already, switch to using powder light foundations like Bare Minerals which tend to rub off less. Then use a setting spray to help your make-up further adhere to your face, and blot for good measure afterwards for anything still loose on the face. It won't prevent all make-up from smudging, but it should help you out some.

  • don't wear foundation

    • what am i gonna do? hold off on the sex so i can wash my face?

    • well if I had any inclination that I was gonna get laid I just wouldn't have been wearing any makeup in the first place. trust me, I know you wanna look good but nothing would be more embarrassing and annoying than having 90% of your face smudged on the pillow case lol. maybe just wear some mascara and/or eyeliner, fill in your brows a bit if you want, and some nice lip balm.

    • thanks beautiful that was very helpful

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