Best style on girls?

I'd like to ask guys about their favorite kind of girls (look,skin,style..) and also what do you think honestly about big girls ?


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  • Usualy there's no standarts for that. I usualy like girls with long, beautiful hair (but I've seen lots of beautiful girls with short hair), who are self confident. That's pretty much it.

    Oh, and the most important thing in a girl is smile. Realy! If a girl has beautiful smile that's a realy big PLUS for her.

    About big girls - not for me. Usualy guys like to feel strong (me also). That's what makes us MEN, yes? And if a girl is biggert then me, then it's realy hard to feel strong :)

  • Cant pic a certain style as a fav, I know it sounds gay/retarded and is completely overused, but everyone is unique and I've seen a lot of stunners that look completely different.

    And I'm not really into big girls.


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