What should I wear?

This is kind of complicated and long so I will try to simplify it a bit.

There is a guy that I haven't seen in about a year that I have ALWAYS been crazy about! He was my summer love last year, but we lost contact over the school year. I will be in town where he lives on thursday.

Do you remember the expression on John Travolta's face (in Grease!) when he saw Sandy with her extreme makeover? I want his face to look like that when he sees me. I pretty much want to be irresistable to him!

Any ideas or advice? What should I wear? etc.


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  • well best thing is a summery dress, don't show sooo much skin, just show what a cute dress would

    do your hair waves and give it volume, that usually looks sexy on us, try to wear on make up that's necessary ( aka make up that's gonna bring out your beauty) not make to make you look beautiful and wear heels, heels are sexy as well, and a nice earing, like kind big, not too much tho

    couple of bangles that goes with the dress

    well that's what I think, I think that girlish looks gets them =]], hope that helps hun

    • Omg I was thinking the same thing!!!! now I know I'm on the right track! thanks girl. =D

    • Haha awesome, and believe me he's gonna wow at you just look really feminine =]]

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  • Nothing always works!


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  • it depends. Are you guys going out for dinner? Or hanging out at the beach? Or stroll around?

    You want to look beautiful, but don't overdress.

    Like, if you two were going to the beach, I don't think heels would be really comfortable on you.

    I think you should focus on your hair. I agree with mochamix on the waves with volume look. That always gets everyone looking. Wear make-up but not too much.

    Because no matter what you wear, its your face and hair that will leave him thinking about you after you go.

    Oh, and don't forget to smile :)

  • Wear something really classy, a small black dress and wet - moussed hair. You can also try wearing nice ripped jeans with some funky summer top.

    Try experimenting with pop-out colors (yellows, purples, red etc.). A nice sleek skinned jeans with a loose top.

    Just mix and match various outfits and look up some styling ideas in a magazine or on google.

    But in whole, just be yourself :D

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