Is it true that you feel if someone is looking at you?

There's this guy.. And he usually stares at me quite openly... and really obviously. It made me uncomfortable so I didn't show interest. BUT I'M HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH HIM... LIKE I LOVE HIM! SO MUCH! Anyways... now he stares secretly or just gives me glances. Anyways... sometimes when he is around, I get this feeling, that someone, in his general direction, is looking at me.. usually I don't look.. but sometimes, my instincts overpower me, and I look, without being able to control myself.. and I look at him, and he is not looking, but looking at something in this weird way.. and his eyes are all controlled and his face too.. Like he is controlling something. But it makes me feel weird. Every time, I look at him like that... when I feel he is, he actually isn't. I never catch his eyes on me, you know, like when a girl catches the guy quickly looking away.. I don't get that.. I just turn to see him, and his face is all hard, and controlled, and kept calm.. and he never looks at me...

So what do you think? Could my instincts be correct? COULD HE BE LOOKING AT ME?


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  • You seem paranoid. No, I'm just kidding. Trust in your instincts; he probably does stare at you. You should go up to him and say hi. See what happens.He's probably just shy or doesn't want to be rejected. Guys love to stare at women that they are attracted to. I know I do.


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  • I think its not your instincts but in-fact your imagination... Your being self centered and think guys are looking at you all the time. It's a bit egotistical. I know I'm criticizing a bit , but hay, your asking for it. = D

  • haha you're cute...ummm I know what you mean about feeling like a person is staring at you. I've had it happen before when you catch a girl staring. They sort of confirm to you that they like you when you catch them staring over a period of time. Then when you know they're near by it just feels like someone is staring at you because you're thinking about it. He's probably shy. Just smile back or say hi when you pass...see what happens. It might break the ice :)


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