Do you like girls to wear heels or look casual?

I'm a bit curious and confused. Guys often say that they love to see girls in heels. Then you also say that you rather that girls dress more casual or laid back. Do you really like it when girls wear heels on any given day or does it give you the impression that they're trying too hard? I'm still going to wear what I want to wear but just out of curiosity, what's the deal?


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  • This question comes up a lot. If you do a search and read the answers you'll find that for most guys it's got to be heels. So much more sexy than flat shoes.


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  • I think that both looks are appreciated by guys only if pulled off at appropriate times. If you are at a party or at a special occasion - its a turn off to wear something too casual (hooodie, or pants). I think that with the right outfit, girls can pull off the "heel - look" and you wouldn't seem like you are trying too hard. But, the casual look still looks great.

    I think when guys say they like casual - they mean you don't HAVE to dress in heels ALL the time and when they say Heels are sexy -- they mean that its okay to dress up a bit once in a while. I dunno, it all really depends on the situation. But, then again, I am not a guy and not everyone might agree with me.

    • Wow, I was about to make a comment here, but you pretty much said everything I was going to say. So thanks for saving me all the work ;) I'll add that I think a tight top, baggy pants (that fit nice around the butt) and cool sneakers is pretty much an awesome combination. But then again, I'm a very casual guy.

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