Faded jeans for guys?

Are lighter colored jeans with fading in the thighs down to knees okay? (light noticeable fading and or really noticeable fading) I don't see a whole lot of that in my area so that's why I was wondering.


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  • Nah, those look good... :)

    • Yep, just not as many holes and mine are slim boot.

    • Still sounds good... as long as you feel the jeans fit you well, then they are totally fine.

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  • if they are new or recently purchased jeans then they're in style. if they're old and you don't see anyone else around dressed like that then no


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  • Depends how light the original colour is, if its a ultra light colour and the fading is basically white then they aren't really for me :P But depends on what sort of jeans too. Baggier ones would look ok as that imo.

    • Sort of like these, but in boot cut with just a tiny bit more fading. Closest thing I could find. In case it doesn't come up automatically, click on the farthest one to the right. "Light Destroy"


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    • Nah their ok imo, they not as light as I thought you meant when you posted :)

    • Yeah I wasn't talkin like white, but like definitely visible even from say 50ft away.

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