Guys only!! If you saw your ex after 2 months and if she looked hot?

looked hot would you wanna hit her up or try to get her back?!


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  • It really would depend on the why and how the relationship ended.

    • We ended because of lack of communication soo I guess not that bad

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    • Well, I wish you the best of luck with your efforts.

    • Thanxxxxxx:)

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  • Hello,

    In short no, it ended for a reason and I'm in no mood for round 2..

    some guys would but it will just end in more pain..

    • Wat if you knew she changed her personality and she looks hella hot ahha

    • She would have had plenty of time to change whilst I was with her, any changes she had would only be temp until old patterns began to show themselfs and we'd end up breaking up again..

      I never go back

  • it all depends on how things ended and of course the guy. personally? no


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  • Looking hot works to get a guy initially, but once they know you, they know you, and looking hot just doesn't bring them back in as you would think.

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