Girls, Should guys remove their arm and leg hairs?

Guys should shave/wax/laser off their whole chest n belly hair ESP when it's really hairy, that's a sure thing which women and society wants and appreciate, but what should guys do to their arm and legs/thighs hairs when that's also very hairy? Wax/shave/laser whole body?


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  • No, that would make you look feminine... girls like masculine men.

    • But isn't that much better than being overly hairy man? Girls don't like overly hairiness as well since that's close to animalistic trait. Esp when it's super hairy even on the chest stomach and shoulders

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    • Stop talking about your body hair... it's really weird...

    • Oops. I didn't realised it's weird.
      I won't talk about it again. Just can you please let me know for the last time how do you feel about shag carpet hairiness on the whole front torso alongwith hairy shoulders and upper arms?
      Obviously very much hairy legs and arms

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  • I would prefer bare all over, but if it makes him feel less manly, than he can keep the hair

    • There isn't anything manly about any body hair, lol. It's only " animaly" :p thanks for appreciating bare skin on men :)
      Would you support him if he wants to get laser hair removal everywhere including his genitals and face?

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    • Okay too much. No more questions lol. He can go to the wax shop for all that

    • :(

  • Nooooooooo arm and leg hair is fine! Most girls (including me) don't like chest or back hair

    • Arm and leg / thigh hair is ok/good even if it's a Lot of thick curly hairs?

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    • You hate hairy torso, ok, so would you rather prefer a guy with shaved smooth legs and arms ?

    • No, I prefer a guy with hairy arms and legs

  • I don't mind hair anywhere as long as it's clean

    • " Clean"?

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    • Maybe not but it's the idea of it? I don't know. Are you like super insecure about your hairiness? Do you shave/laser/wax it all off?

    • Yeah am overly hairy, feel super insecure. Wish I was as smooth as a woman, everything was naturally smooth!!
      Unfortunately it's the total opposite. I am super hairy. ugh

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