How ugly I am? (not preffered, but gipsy would say that... don't like them telling fortuness anyway :D)

Well I've got only one picture, what is quite crappy quality... and I know I'm wanted by a barber, but she's getting me soon, so not the most important thing to notice :)

Still I think you can understand a bit being this quality... Well you can say: very ugly, quite ugly, ugly or something like that... or be kind, what's quite rare to me (as people doesn't say neither of them to me usually... well I haven't asked neither :D)

Just comment that picture... yea I know my eyes seem to be angry, my nose seems to be sharp (for my eyes) and quite wide face... but what to do, maybe next time I'll get a better picture...



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  • You're cute, the only suggestion I have is to maybe smile? :)

    • Well usually I laugh too much... but I made this pic in the evening, quite tired etc.. :D:D Yea but I'll try to listen a bit more next time :D

    • Oh, okay. Get more sleep! LOL

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  • All I can say is I love your eyes (=

    • Well almost only thing not freaked by quality :D:D

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  • Average. Not ugly but not handsome.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • You're .... gay??

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    • It's fine, girls say that other girls are hot all the time but it doesn't mean that they're lesiban or bi.

    • I didn't mean his gay... just read a bit :D

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