Do guys like redheads?

I'm a redhead and a lot of guys seem to like me... but at the same time sometimes people give me sh*t for my hair. So I'm not really sure weather to dye it or not. A lot of guys tell me I'm good in bed? so confusing...


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  • well, there is a difference between a redhead and a ginger...


    that is a redhead


    that is a ginger

    while they are similar, some experts suggest the ginger actually has no soul

    source: South Park

    haha jk jk, both are cool :)

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    • "Gingers have souls!" Hahaha

    • Bahahaha! As a redhead, love the ginger pic. Haha....'it could happen to you'. No way am I ever dating ablone in the off chance that my dark red will get diluted to ginger ;) Thanks for the laughs champ!

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  • I don't know who is giving you a hard time for being a redhead, but cute redheads are great. As for myths about promiscuity or worth, it's all bullsh*t of course. You're a person just like everyone else, hair color doesn't change that.

  • A lot of guys?

    Red.. yea "a lot of guys" like red heads..


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