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I'm a crazy person, I like color, I like personality, I like being unique, weird and bubbly. I love cats and ugly sweaters. I recently cut my hair shoulder length, choppy, and colored it red. If I had my way I'd dye my hair cotton candy pink, wear big glasses, and dress like lady gaga day in- and day out. But since I'm a freshman in high school, and the urge to impress people or be normal is huge; I hold back. I just wanted to ask- really? Why should I hold back? Why are people so judgmental? Are there ANY guys out there that like a wacky, spontaneous girl? Should I be holding back; or should I just live my life? What are your opinions on ME.


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  • I'm just like you, if I had it my way I would have a closet full of unitards and probably seldom wear any thing else. Same with the hair thing I would go for blue or orange or yellow calf high boots maybe sliver lipstick , black eye liner. But of course that would make me __________ fill in the blank you name it some moronic bigot would come up with it. And it's worse for men if a man steps out of his assigned role it's like a soldier deserting their post or a cop falling asleep on the job we are assigned the soldier / worker /police role by society and when we try to claim our humanity the established order panics. look at all the "metrosexual" and "emo" bashing if these people whined their sorry asses off any louder glass would break. Girly girls are the very WORST they are SO cowardly and parasitic they just go into a panic when they see a man who might not be willing to "be a man" and protect them and take care of them like they were 8 years old. F UCK they make me sick I have 0 respect for those brainless spineless jelly fish, I'm with the feminists 110%


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  • I say don't hold back - Be yourself - No matter what you look like or wear or say people are going to judge other people - That is life - So if the people want to keep judging at least they should be judging the real you ya know - Don't hold back, do whatever it is you do and let people know you for who you really are. Guys will like and love you more if you are true ya know -

  • Be yourself. There are guys who like girls like you described.


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