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I'm in need of extra cash! So I came up with this really cool idea to start making my own body scrubs, bath bombs, and even body butters! {What girl doesn't love that right?} I looked up some really natural ingredients and found some really neat stuff to start. Plus once I add essential oils, I feel as though I could really attract some attention.

Now, I'm not looking to start something big, but just get some product out there.

What do you guys think? Flavors/Scents that you guys can think of? I'd love some great feed back!


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  • you could sell them at your local farmers market. Do some research into what each essential oil's "medicinal" properties are supposed to be and you could add that to your marketing. I dunno.. just some thoughts.


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  • If you have a good unscented line with really simple ingredients that's water based you'd have a really good audience because those are so difficult to find.


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