Attraction Rejection Game?

A female co-worker started to flirt with me and she stopped just like it stated below by going to human resources three months ago. I think she regrets doing what she did because she has been trying to get my attention for the past couple of weeks now. Should I talk to her?

This is the classic romantic pursuit game, and can happen at very subtle ways, for example:

Girl fancies boy and makes eye contact.

Boy is attracted and continues eye contact (pursuit).

Girl looks away (rejection)

Boy looks away (retreat)

Girl looks at boy and holds eye contact for longer (pursuit)

Girl looks away again (rejection)

Boy goes over to girl to say hello (pursuit)

Girl plays hard-to-get (rejection)


Rejection works because of the Scarcity principle, where we desire what we cannot have.

This game, played well, is like fishing. Try to reach completion too soon and the fish slips away. This happens, for example, when a boy gets too enthusiastic and doesn't stop chasing the girl. The girl feel overwhelmed and sends 'end of game' signals (which may have to be quite blunt).


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  • if she went to HR then leave it alone and move on

  • Do you value your job? Couldn't you get fired for things like this?


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