What does it mean when he says he fancies another girl, but I'm way up the top of the line?

So there's a guy I know that I have feelings for. He says he has feelings for me too, but nothing has happened though.

On Facebook he is being a bit flirtatious towards another girl we both know. He is a bit flirtatious as his nature anyway, but I've seen lately that he centers it a bit around her.

We have a lot of contact, and he contacts me all the time and he is also flirtatious towards me, but not so much on fb where everyone can see it. I've asked him if he likes her.

He says that "he fancies her pants off her" but its because he's a guy and he likes women, but that it's all a matter where they come in the que. He says I'm way up the top of the line, and she is further down. Do you think he is lying just to not hurt my feelings?

Btw I asked him once what hair colors on girls he likes best. And he says he really likes dark dark hair (she has that, she has colored it), but that he also likes blonds (I'm blond). His fave actress is blond though (she is naturally dark blonde, but dyed it).


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  • Wow that's so romantic. Hey sweetie, even though I like heaps of girls in different ways, you're one of the top ones on my list.

    So just wait your turn, after a couple of girls he should come to you. Or you can get a clue and go for a guy who genuinely likes you. One of those things.


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