Girls, How do I keep my long hair up?

I decided to grow my hair out but unfortunately it's gotten so long that the usual way I put it up when I'm relaxing at home (into a ponytail, but on the last loop with the band, I drop it in the middle of the ponytail where it's like a bun if that makes sense), it loosens within an hour and I have to constantly redo it throughout the day. Any suggestions? I don't want to get a hair cut.


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  • I know what you mean, having had long hair my whole life. Try a messy bun, the tutorial has helped. Consider using bobby pins. Remember to get a quality ponytail (I've found the nonmetal ones are best) and put it tight. But not too tight seeing as that can make you lose hair.
    Braids are also great and people have said this is a good style for your hair. People love braiding and it's fun to do.
    Hairspray is damaging if you use it very often, but every once in a while, you can use it to keep your hair in place, like if you put it in a bun.
    Ponytails are helpful as long as you have the right elastic. Hairspray is also helpful for this. You may have thick hair which is the reason it is so difficult. Try finding articles specifically for thick hair


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  • Do you wash your hair every day?

  • It doesn't happen to me anymore because I use tighter elastics.


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