What is the best TREATMENT to get rid of stretch-marks as much as possible?

I got stretchmarks when I was 9. That's when I hit puberty, it was really early. In that year I grew up 20cm (7.8 inch) and one day I just looked and I had pink stripes all over my legs. I was always skinny, but I was tall. I had stretch marks on my legs and buttocks. I didn't have any on my stomach. I treated them right away with some shity creams and the ones on my legs and thighs disappeared completely and the ones on the buttocks stayed. I have them today, too.

It's been almost 10 years and the ones on the ass are the only ones left and they are white now and very big, wide and deep and there are many of them. They bother me very much. They are not visible when I wear shorts, but they are very visible when I wear bikinis, underwear and I can't even wear thongs because of them. I work out, eat healthy, I am hot, have a nice body, but they bother me soooo much.

I know that you can never erase them completely, but I've heard there are methods that can make even 90% of them disappear. Do you know what are best treatments for old stretch marks (not some cremes, or stuff, but like dermatologic treatments). Please help me.


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  • Shea butter and bio oil work well if used religiously.

    • Religiously?

    • Figure of speech. Meaning if you use it all the time

    • Nothing like that works. Only treatments work with machines and stuff

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  • Honestly hydration, drink a lot of water and i've heard rose hip oil really does help.

  • laser treatments, other than that cocoa butter will diminish their appearance

  • Onion juice really works it completely gets rid of stretch marks if you don't believe me look it up


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