Hey I'm not sure if this girl is into me or not??

i was at skating and I bumped into this girl and she said sorry..then after that when she was going round she was smiling at me and when ice skating was finished she left when I did and when she had her shoes on ready to go she waited for me to finish and then went..and then the next week she was looking at me and talking to her friend then looking back over and then she seemed a bit down but the week after which was this sat that's just been I talked to her and skated around with her and she looked at her friend and stuck her tongue out and smiled at her and then I got her number and I have been texting her I'm ushaully the one to text her first and I asked what she did then she asked me I said childcare and she said " really that's really nice would have put you down for that type of guy" and we carried on texting we have quite a lot in common I said we have a lot in common would be awesome if your fave color was purple then she said "omg it is how weird" I asked if she wanted to go out this week sometime but she's busy with trampolining and revision nights or maybe its too soon for her but does it seem like she likes me..thanks and she never texts first but she does reply to my texts

iv had some views but no comments lol
i think she's not texting back because iv borded her or something p.s I'm a very paranoid person


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  • Boy, she definitly likes you! The reason why she never texts first could be that she doesn't want to look like she's thinking bout you all the time (But I'm sure she is.) Girls don't want to intrude. She wants to be hard-to-get type. Just do not stop texting her first. She is certainly proud that you are so much interested in her. All her friends are jealous, cause usually boys don't do first step in relationship. You are doin good, don't worry, listen to your feelings...

    • Thank you I text her now but no reply so I'm thinking she may be busy or something? why do you think she likes me? thanks

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    • Aaaand, could you please write me later, how are you two doin? thx, can't wait.... I'm almost as excited as you are :)

    • I text her today but she hasn't replied though she has revision studie in the evening and it was when I text her my freind is saying for me to stop texting her becouse its making me look clingy

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  • Of course, it's not all right to text her every 5 minutes. I know you are full of your emotions, you want to know what is she doin, you want to see her, talk to her... but you can't annoy her.

    On the other hand, do not think that you are clingy cause you text her first, simply slow down and let her breathe.

    • Thank you I havnt text her to much I don't think the sat I got her number then monday and today I'm sure that's not too much becouse I want her to know I care people say let her come to you and look like your not intrested but I'm not like that I think all that isn't good I don't like to mess people around but if you have any advice I would highly appreciate it thank you

    • The only advice I have is: why don't you date me? Cause you seem very nice and I think everybody should be careful and open in a relationship like you :) .

      No, seriously... Do not listen to them, I absolutely don't understand the theory "pretend you are not interested". Who the hell made it up?

      When someone likes you, you can feel it. Any role playin won't help you to hide it. I' m pretty sure that you have seen that her "body language" is positive.

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  • Its really hard to tell