Where can I find the perfect little black dress?

It's easy to dress up and I have variety ways of styling.


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  • I've found like THREE at Ross.

    • I'm trying to find the perfect one to dress up or dress down but if not I'll have to buy three. Thankyou 🤗 And I'm going to Ross in the morning 😂

    • Be patient. Even if you don't find it this week it may be there next week ;)

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  • what type do you prefer.. where do you live.. what type of black dress are you looking for

    • I'll order it online. I have a small chest too lol. I just want a dress I can do things with.

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    • No im good. Thankyou though

    • we're just not online store people. we are in Charity works. so it's all about charity thing. sorry couldn't provide you wish list

  • Try Amazon. com or eBay.


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