Are big cheeks on a girl a turn off?

Whenever I'm not smiling, I have an ordinary, pretty face. When I smile, BAM, cheeks appear! They look childish in my opinion, I don't know if it's a turn off to guys when a girl has chubby cheeks? I myself am not fat, but I look like I have nuts stuffed in them whenever I smile. My last boyfriend constantly called me 'cheeky" but never gave his opinion on them. Thanks!


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  • They can be cute.


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  • if you had a boyfriend then obviously he found you attractive, and if he found you attractive then big cheeks must not be so bad after all! "cheeky" was most likely an affectionate nickname given because of your cute features

    i have big cheeks too and it makes me look childish yeah, but it gives me like this sweet and innocent look that some people like.

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