Do you like guys who undergo back, sack and crack waxing?

Do you like when guys opt for waxing their genitals as well as go for Brazilian waxing?


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  • Nope.

    • It would be costly , is this the reason you would want him to cut on cost and just shave it by himself?
      But don't you feel it would be bit rough for him to shave his own butt and back?

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    • I like my bjs just fine. I like hairy men. Is that so difficult to understand?

    • Nooes, I didn't say that's difficult to understand! Mostly girls say BJ is very creepy with all natural pubic hairs and hairy balls, that's the reason I asked it wether you don't give oral. waxing the chest is good for you, I guess so?

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  • I don't do any of that..

    • You don't even shave it?

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  • ewwww no, isn't that something gay guys do?

    • Is it?
      You feel only gays do that? Who says so! Many straight men do it and many women love it along with waxed everywhere else on their man's body! Not you?

  • Seems kinda gay, just trimming is fine

    • What's gay in it!! Come on.
      Shaved balls and butt?

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    • It's lot of hairs on the whole butt cheeks. So I doubt she won't notice it

    • But unless she's bending you over lol, she probably won't care. I don't like when guys are as hair free as me, but it sounds like you're a little insecure about it so if it'll make you feel better, go for it :)

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