How do you feel about hairy men?

does it gross you out or turn you on or are you indifferent?
  • hairy men are sexy
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  • hairy men are gross and need to shave that shit
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  • I dont care if he is hairy or not as long as he is awesome
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Most Helpful Girl

  • 👍thumbs up for hairy men. Super sexy.

    Ps: I only answered this because I don't think your that hair obsessed gag guy.

    FOR: the hair obsessed gag guy, don't message me about it. You know I like it. Wax it or keep it. Those are your options.

    • thanks for replying and it's awesome you dig hairy guys but I'm clueless as to this hair obsessed guy you're talking about and kind of curious what's going on

    • Oh my... stay on gag long enough. You'll run into him. He will ask a question too like "does my car look better red or blue?"

      Me: "I like the blue"
      Him: "I have blue eyes"
      Me: "cool!"
      Him: "do they match my hair?"
      Me: "yes, it looks good"
      Him: "how bout my body hairs? Does it match those?"
      Me: "me its fine"
      Him: "should I shave my filthy body hairs so it's smooth like a womans"

      You get the picture. He turns everything into body hair. Pretty talented now that I think about it🤔

      Lol sorry about writing you a play.

    • that was entertaining but mostly because it was you and not me but I've definitely not ran into him yet

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