What do you think about maracuja oil?

I got is as a free sample. Normally I don't use oils because they make my skin break out, but the oil seems to actually help with my acne and acne scars while also moisturizing the super dry parts of my skin. I have eczema so it gets really bad, but maracuja oil seems to help.

What has been your experience with it?


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  • I haven't used that oil but I use argan oil or coconut oil, for my face and body.

    You can see from my picture, that its greatly improved my skin and gives it a nice tan and natural glow.

    I also scrub my face with a wooden body brush and use a natural made loofa.


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  • I have never tried it. I have only tried argan, coconut and grape-seed oil, but never on my skin, only on my hair.


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