How to attract white boys?

I've always had a thing for white preppy boys. they are just so charming and cute. the problem is I'm not white. I look pretty ethnically ambiguous but most people guess Italian/spanish. so my question is how do I attract white guys? are they only into white girls or do some exotic looking multicultural girls attractive?

here's me:




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  • Most white people find all types of girls attractive, though I wouldn't approach a non white girl out of fear of instant rejection since I'm not their skin colour or race, yet id still think you were nice.

    Id guess youd have to approach them so they wouldn't be scared.


What Girls Said 1

  • be skinny/athletic/thin

    girl next door or barbie look

    you might want to lighten your hair a little

    dress preppy.

    look at the girls you see them with and then make adjustments to look more similar to them. I'm not saying look exactly like a certain girl that you saw, but if you dress in darker clothing or baggy stuff then try to make changes to be more similar to the preppy girls