Girls, Good date night outfit (nice)?

Hi everyone. I need some help. I've been crossdressing (male-to-female) for a year or so. I took a little break, but now I'm back. I'm 5'7", 148 lbs. with an pretty athletic, trim body. I love getting out dressed, and there's a part of me that feels very normal (too normal?) when dressed. I'm not getting into the whole TG conversation here, but just saying I feel very comfortable expressing this side of me.

Anyway, I recently had a guy (who knows I'm a cd) ask me out. He wants to take me to dinner and then out to a show (theater). I've known him for sometime and trust him completely. However, having never been on a relatively formal date on this side of the table, I'm super excited. I really look forward to being treated like a lady. That said, I've also never really thought about what I'd wear on a date such as this, and I'm super excited about getting dressed up. I do have some ideas, but I thought I'd come to the ladies here and you might be able to help. I'm willing to shop/spend some money on this, since it really is something I'm looking forward to.

Any input would be really appreciated. If there's any other info I can provide, just let me know.

Thank YOU!!!


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