How beautiful is she even at age 43?


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  • She's very pretty, especially for someone in her 40s. I don't have any thoughts about the husband except that he's probably quite happy.

    Something that kind of kicked me in the face the other day was finding out that Jennifer Lopez is already 47-years old. Geez! That made me feel old.

    • Pretty or beautiful?

      Ha ha Jennifer Lopez is 47 wow. That makes me feel old too.

      People say her husband doesn't deserve her, I think it's becaues he's not as attractive as her

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      You know what is it about her that's beautiful? She is very very beautiful but I guess has a normal looking face, no high cheek bones or amazing smile etc.

      I think it's the eyes. But even the eyes, a lot of indian women have big eyes.

      I odn't know what it is but something about her has this overall effect where she just looks really really good and no one even compares. It's a mystery

    • The eyes definitely do a lot. I think a lot of Indian girls can be very pretty. I had a couple of friends one time who were sisters from India. One had a lighter complexion and looked somewhat like this:

      Other had a darker complexion and looked somewhat like this:

      ... both very pretty. I drew a quick sketch of the second sister one time:

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  • She is gorgeous. Her husband is attractive.

    • I think her husband is fine. However people criticize him as they say he's not as attractive.

      I think they go though, because he's tall and stuff, they look good together

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  • she looks great but her husband looks like an isis militant (i hope this is the right word)

  • she's extremely sexy


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  • They are a good-looking couple!

  • Just who the fuck is that?

    • Why the meanness? She's an indian actress

    • Meanness?
      I merely asked who the fuck she was.

    • Thanks for the MHO.

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