Having acne affects me getting a job as a beauty consultant?

I have a interview next as a l'oreal consultant. I have acne, not big ones, pretty little ones under my cheekbones and forehead, does that affects me getting the job? If I was to sell cosmetics, maybe they'll be expecting perfect clear skin.
Someone help em please.
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I meant next week, realised I didn't complete it.


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What Guys Said 2

  • its does not depend on your looks.
    It deppends on your knowledge of the products you are selling.

    • I try doing my research but I can't find any really. I thought about that too.

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    • hope all is going well so far
      tough part has past I hope

    • Not really, didn't get the job because I was quite young, but they said I did amazing and have a great personality so i ahould apply for another position at the store that they'll definitely take me.

  • its not right but yeah it might.

    Its like having a personal trainer, you expect someone to have a impressive physique, same principal applies here.

    • I think people saying looks have no relevance are naΓ―ve

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    • then you're overreacting. nothing to worry about

    • Thought so, thanks :)

What Girls Said 1

  • I think it'll be fine. If you're selling cosmetics, you'll be wearing them and being able to showcase your skills will be an asset.
    If you were terrible at make up or unwilling to learn then you would have a problem 😊 Good luck with the interview Hun!

    • Thanks. I had the interview and it was fine by the store, still waiting to have an interview with the brand.

    • That's exciting 😊

    • Thanks πŸ˜„

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