How to do this hairstyle?

I want this one, not one with a bun that is super obvious. I know how to fish tail and do a dutch braid, but idrk where to start with this one...
How to do this hairstyle??

Anyone got any ideas or know who this is?


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  • Looks like a loose fishtail braid with the end of it pulled looser then into a messy bun. I'd curl all your hair first (if it isn't already curly) and use pins to do the bun with no ponytail base


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  • I'd just let it down and be itself. Why tie it up? I know it's more convenient. But let your hair be free!

    • Fuck off please. Have you even got long hair? No? Then you don't know the struggle. Have you got curls? No? Then you don't know how it reacts to weather, water, grease, or anything.

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    • Good for you. It's been out there for over half an hour. Feel free to gloat if someone does down vote me. I'll give you that, since it seems like you need something. Sorry you're so jaded.

    • Lmao I'm jaded? You're just another stereotypical guy and I'm through with that. I take a stance against trying to decide how someone else should look. Blocking you bc annoying and im petty.

  • Honestly, some hairstyles are near impossible without hours and hours of work by someone else


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