I'm not sure if it is him?

I have been talking to a guy that I met online for about 4 days now. Never seen him in person yet because he is not in the same state. On the site, he had several pics of himself all in one big pic. His face was alright but his body was banging which helped me to want to talk to him. So we exchanged numbers and I asked him to send me some pics. he sends me one pic and it looked like a different guy kind of and the tats on his chest online did not match the tats on his chest on the phone. So I questioned him about that and he said he got that tat whited out some kind of way and had a new one done on his chest.

Is this guy a fake you think? Can you get rid of a real tat like that?

bc I been trying to really to compare the two and I'm having lots of doubts its him. I uploaded the 3 pics of him on here so you can see what I'm talking about. Really look at them.


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  • the last two pics of him look like the same guy, but the first pic (the ones with multiple pics in it) looks like a different guy. it is possible to have tattoos removed by laser (kinda like laser hair removal). it is also possible to have tattoos covered up sometimes, depending on how dark or scared the original tattoo is.

    • He said he was younnger in hs in that first one and was in a lot of sun. I just don't know

    • I think he's lying to you, he seems to have an excuse or reason for everything

    • Actually I'm kind of believening him a bit. I asked him to send me a pic of him blowing a kiss at me that way I see his face and know and he did and it is him in the 2 last pics now. he just really changed a lot from whn he was a kid.