I love to put on my own makeup and I am having so much trouble doing it can anybody help?

i always wanna do makeup on people when i move out and i am having so much trouble with it and i need so much help and i barley have any brushes to work with so can you girls or guys help me with the minimum brushes that i have?


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  • You don't need that many brushes. It's just more convenient to have more I guess.

    Watch youtub video. You won't get it exactly right but try to see where they put what.

    So say they use grey, black towards the end of the eye, white in the middle, and glittery stuff on the corner of the eye (just an example)

    you now know the spots to put the colors on.
    Grab a brush that you own, and pick any color you like, gold towards the end, different kind gold in the middle, and then a little bit on the corner, etc


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