Makeup artist in usa and uk?

Hi there I am an mua in Ireland, moving to the uk soon, wanting to move to the usa, new york state and cali to be specific in the future, will they accept my foreign qualifications over there?


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  • We love the Irish in CA and New York. Your foreign qualifications will be accepted, but it's better to have experience.
    I used to work in that industry and the best thing you can have is a portfolio with people you've worked on.
    Also, to really prove yourself you should have at least 1 guy who you've added make-up to. That's tough as shit.

    • Hi thanks so much, my partner is totally willing to let me do makeup on his face if it helps my work so thats covered lol , is there not some legal requirement to have an American recognised cosmetology license in certain states?

    • In CA you need a license if you want to work in a business, but getting one is rather easy over here.

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