Girls, Girls here 16-25 who wear those black tights, how good are guys at ignoring it and not looking down if they've tried it on u in em?

  • Im either not in that age range/don't wear black tights/haven't had guys try that on me in em
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  • A-they always do ignore it easily, never look down
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  • B-they're good, maybe 3 seconds or more, then they finally give up and look down
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  • C-they're okay, not as good as they think. 3 seconds tops, then they give up, look down
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  • D-thick, black tights, it's too much, they can't ignore it. most can't for 2 seconds, got em!
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  • F-they CAN'T. After a second, the eyes go down, mouth drops, there's no way
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