I hate my curly hair. Help?

I just hate my hair. I have never really liked it. I have long curly hair and I always just braid it. I can't even put it up in a bun or ponytail cuz its too long. I won't even do the nicer braids anymore because they take too long because I have so much hair.

It has always bothered me. I am 17 years old now and I really strive to be a positive person so i have just been trying to be positive about it but being positive all the time sucks sometimes and just right now it's really getting to me.

I've been telling my mom to take me to get it cut for about a week now and she still hasn't taken me and I'm just done.

I don' t like my hair all I ever do is put it in a low bun and I feel ugly. I really am not this depressing person who gets upset about things easily. I try to stay positive and be happy all the time. So it's not like I just put myself down all the time. This is just really bothering me so if you have any tips that would really help. Thanks.

There. That is my hair. I don't have a lot of picture of me with my hair down because I don't take them but this is when I was trying to be like a model and its the only picture of it down that I have.

But yeah as you as see it's just flat. There are none of these fancy curls in it. I would never wear my hair like that out because it looks like that.


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  • there are a ton of guys, myself included, that love curly hair. I had a girlfriend once that naturally had super sexy curly hair but she always straightened it. I saw a picture of her with curls and she said that was her natural hair and i literally yelled at her to keep it curly. Just cuz you don't like it doesn't mean guys dont trust me.


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  • Your hair looks so pretty. I struggled with that same trouble too. I flat ironed my hair until it became damaged and the curls were hard to come back. I feel like later on you might regret it. But you can also get a perm. I'm not sure how that might work for you hair type, but I think there are several straight perm solutions out there. Even though those damage the hair as well. The there is the option of getting a wig or a weave installed, no shame. Or I heard if you have a hella lot of money you could get a baldcut and then get straight hair implants.


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  • Are you kidding? I wish my hair was long ugh your so lucky. I have an addiction to cutting my hair I just like how satisfying it is but I need to stop.

  • Why don't you just go and get your haircut yourself.

    • I mean ask her for the money and go yourself, you're 17 you can go places yourself!

    • I wish. I'm 17 and I don't drive yet. Also my parents are the over protective kind who didn't raise me to do things on my own so it kind of sucks. I'm lucky if they let me walk to the gas station. Probably because I live in a big city so it's not the safest i guess

  • Curly hair is amazing!

    • I think so I just wish mine looked amazing. My hair it doesn't have those pretty curls that other people have.

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    • I posted a link to it.

    • thank you lol

  • Embrace it. I imagine it is very beautiful. I would even wear it down as much as you can. I used to have pretty hair but I ruined it from over-bleaching, and now am super-envious when I see people like you. Learn to love yourself!

    • I would if I could get it to look nice. I've tried lots of different shampoos and mooses but it just doesn't look as other peoples. and its just frustraiting

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