What would you rate me from 1-10?

I just recently saw a movie called she's out of my league(good movie btw) and I always wanted to know what number am I? Will be 24 in November, so I want to know what my pros and cons are about my looks.

I want pure honesty

so does everyone agree at a 6?


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  • 6

    you look a sweet, nice guy


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  • 5/6

    you are probably a nice looking guy when you clean yourself up but to be honest that pic isn't really doing much for me, you look like you're nice but I am not getting a whole lot of masculinity from you. you look like you might get beat up easily.

    • Lol @ the beat up easily I don't even get into fights people tend to be theatened by me for some reason when I'm hanging with a girl that has a boyfriend and the guy sees me being all buddy buddy with her... but what you mean by clean myself up? and what part of the pic isn't doing it for you that's the kinda feedback I'm looking for what am I lacking and mind you I'm not trying to look like tight jean wearing guy trying to look 12 when I'm 23...

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  • honestly probably a 4.5 or 5 straight guy here but that is just my opinion.