Nose piercing question?

so I got my nose pieced almost 2 days ago and am waiting 6 weeks until I can put a hoop in it so it doesn't create an even bigger hole when I wish to no longer have it, however, I want to change my jewellery, but don't have another nose stud and don't want to go and buy another. So I was wondering can I just use a flat backed earring? And if I can, will the hole close up too fast for me to change the jewellery? Should I wait a week?


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  • don't change it yet it's WAY too soon (wait at least a month), and especially don't change it to an earring~ don't be cheap, you've already paid for the piercing so go and buy a proper piece of jewellery or you will end up with infections and scars...

    i've got mine done and tried changing it to early, just caused a lot of unnessary pain and bleeding

    • also the hole will close naturally up... i've had mine for years and if i go without jewellery for a few weeks i can only fit a small stud in and have to force a wider one through

  • You'd irritate a lot the hole if you change it now. I waited 2 months before changing mine. When I got my helix piercing, I changed it quick and it's been a year and it still hurts a lot. Don't change it if you want it to heal well

    • Helix piercings are different, they take a year - two years to heal no matter what you do, I also have a helix piercing and it still hurts and I've had mine for 1 and a half years. Nose piercings are different becuase they heal in just two months

    • Yeah, but if you take it out after TWO DAYS it will get irritated a lot more than it should

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