What American girls think about an Asian guy?

I'm an international student, studying in the U.S. I feel pretty comfortable talking with Asian girls, but not American. I think the reason is that I always feel that American girls are racist against Asian guys. They're also pretty taller than me ( I'm only 5 feet 7 T_T ). I'm really curious about what they think about Asian guys, so please help me to figure it out.


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  • *sigh* ... My Friend, you are speaking to an asian guy born and raised in North America. Depending on your sense of fashion, don't take it personally bro, but generally speaking...

    Most of the F.o.b.s. have a very ... well different style... I have tons of fobby friends, and they just call me ... white guy... even though I'm Asian. The white people call me asian guy, well ... because I'm asian... so if you think people are staring at you because you're asian... that's probably true, but it's probably the threads ur wearing... but don't change ur fashion because you wanna fit in, because that wouldn't be you... Be proud, and wear ur threads the way you like wearing ur threads... that makes you who you are.. and if you happen to meet a girl that likes you for you, then my good for u... also.. people like th racial profile you... They will probably assume you have a small D...ck, but don't let that get you down, because you'll have to prove them wrong... I met some girls that been with black guys, and they say they got big ones, but they will always be more shocked after the asian persuasion... and then you dump them...

    Then they'll say you got a small one because they jealous you leave them for a hotter girl... anyhow... just be yourself, and try to make friends... don't let people people bring you down... don't forget, if they were in the same shoes as you and they went to asia... they probably turn lots of heads and get stared at... at the end of the day, we all human... treat others how you'd like be treated... and don't let a few bad apples ruin it for u.. have fun...

    • Thanks a lot for sharing bro.

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  • Asian guys are really cute ^^ and a few girls may think otherwise but the girls around my school love asians :) just be happy and well love you!

    • Thanks. It really helps me to feel more positively.

  • One of my closest friends this year is an exchange student from China and he's not that tall. He's about my height, 5'5ish. And everyone loves him, girls of all races including white because he's so confident about himself. He's funny, doesn't care what you think. Confidence is the key here. Everyone loves him for that because he's fun to be around

    • Whenever I walk to my college's student Center to buy some food, there are always some American girls and guys staring at me. Because I'm not from this culture, I really not sure what they mean by staring at me, but I feel that it's something negative rather than positive. Anyway, Thanks for your comment.

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