American Eagle and Transgender employees..

AE has been forced to reverse their policy on "personal appearance" by requiring their employees where gender-specific clothes..Even tho I totally support all transgender people being able to express themselves...I think businesses have a right to control what kind of image they want to present to customers...and I mean if the image they present offends you...then just boycott the store...Ive never even shopped at AE anyway...but I mean a business should be able to choose how their employees act to promote a certain image. This would be like forcing Christian bookstores to hire Muslims because of "religious discrimination". I mean let businesses do what they want...I'm sure many shops would welcome transgender employees and might find a large market for those people. But I think it's not good to make businesses conform to a certain image.


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  • American Eagle has a pretty mainstream clean cut image. Transgender people don't fit that. It's not as if they are denying them housing, discriminating against them in a way that will negatively mar the course of their life, they just can't work at that store. Someone who is transgender would probably fit in better at Hot Topic or Urban Outfitters.


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  • This seems pretty borderline and like a rather small issue to me. I know they're a big chain, but how many transgendered employees could they really have? From a corporate standpoint, assuming they wanted to keep their rules in effect, they should have just allowed their employees to write to HR and request a waiver from those rules if the employee felt it infringed on them for sexual or religious reasons.

    • You're rite...that would b much more reasonable...but I still I don't think a company should b legally forced

  • ...If they're transgendered, they should be allowed to wear whatever clothes. Transgendered is someone who was "Born in the wrong body" or desires to be the opposite sex. And whether or not they've gone under their surgery, majority of the time, you can't even tell that they were once a man or woman.

    I don't see how a business should be allowed to act like that on such a small matter, even if they are transgendered, you can't even tell most of the time, and in a way that's discrimination . That's basically forcing them back into the wrong gender.

    I don't see how a business should be allowed to force a -now- girl who was once a guy to start wearing guy clothes, because they are not a guy anymore, especially not in their mind.

    o.o It's just silly for a store to be allowed to do that. I can understand if a obvious guy was dressing in slinky girl clothes it would be offensive, but that's not what a transgendered person is.

    • I agree...theres no laws forcing anyone to wear anything...but they don't have to be employed at American Eagle if they don't want to do what AE wants them to. Considering they are a fashion store...the clothers their employees wear is a big part of their image.

      ". I can understand if a obvious guy was dressing in slinky girl clothes it would be offensive, but that's not what a transgendered person is. "

      That's the thing tho, the new policy change allows anybody to wear anything

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    • Yeah, they probably would depending on their paper work.

    • Kripter you are wrong with your definition of Transgender. Transgender is an umbrella term used to describe all gender varient people. Crossdressers are transgender as well as transsexuals. Transsexuals believe they were born in the wrong bodies. Crossdressers crossdress for a variety of reasons and not all of them are sexual. Also, the word is "transgender" not "transgendered." Just like you wouldn't say someone is "gayed."

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  • It's nothing against their sexual orientation.

    American Eagle is a clothing company. The reason they ask people to dress a certain way is only for marketing reasons. Women wear women's clothes, men wear men's clothes. While it's not something that's typically "shocking", a lot of people like to come to work in violation of the dress code.

    So while we could assume that they aren't highering these people due to their sexual orientation; it's merely the fact that these people may not adhere to company policy. In such a scenario it's better to rid the business of the bad seed before they are even on the time clock.

    It's a business' right(s) to do so. There are no legal sanctions against it nor is there a reason to be against it/for it. It's a simple "if you want to dress like a hippy, we want people that dress like a model, so you don't fit the cut and we'll keep looking"

    Imagine a relationship between a man and women; you aren't going to think-

    - Gee I really hate how bums look, but maybe I can get past the BO and find someone beautiful

    Unfortunately physical appearance makes a huge determination on your initial approach. You could be the best worker and they won't give a crap because your not following their policy.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • No it is not anything against anyone's sexual orientation because transgenders have nothing to do with sexual orientation. It has to do with gender and not sex. There's a big difference between sexual orientation and gender identity. By the way, about a month ago it was signed into law that NO business can be fired or denied a job based on gender identity.

  • I'd have to agree with you on this.

    American Eagle is a business, and their goal is to make money. Disregarding anything about transgender people, it is not at all uncommon for businesses to have a dress code. Even further, it's not uncommon for businesses to have a different dress code for males and females. The fact of the matter is, not abiding by a dress code is a good way to make a bad appearance.

    I understand why people would have an issue with this, but the fact of the matter is, these people are trying to have their cake and eat it too. You can't say "I'm going to work in this store, and I'm going to wear whatever I choose to work." I don't think transgender people should get special privileges in this regard. If my workplace requires that I wear a suit, then I can either wear a suit to work or find a different job. If my workplace requires that I wear a dress, then I can either wear a dress to work or find a different job. If people really want to wear whatever they please and work at a clothing store, then they can open up their own clothing store.

    I'm perfectly in favor of transgender people expressing themselves as they please. However, I am also in favor of businesses not allowing them to do so on the job.

    • Right, I work at a palce where guys have to wear slacks and ties..and girls have to wear the same or dresses....and one of those pin things girls wear on their dress collar (cant rembember what its called)/ but girls can also wear ties, but guys have to, guys can't have long hair..and you have to cover tatoos...and I don't complain...i get paid and its a good place to work, they can tell me how to dress and I'll do it.

    • Exactly. When you're working, you aren't dressed to express yourself. You are dressed to reflect well on the business. Given that AE is a clothing store, it's even more important that their employees are dressed fashionably. Either deal with their dress code or find another job.

    • Right man, my thoughts exactly, btw that thing I was talking about was a broach lol...and guys must wear ties...and girls cna wear either ties or broaches..and I don't complain that I can't wear a broach...they need me to look presentable to our customers