If you've seen a HS/Uni girl in those fitted black tights, and a player guy came up, tried to ignore it&not look, can't, jaw dropped&what was she?

If you've seen a guy who acted like that come up to one of those girls and tried to ignore it and not look down, but he can't, and his jaw just dropped... and she just kept a poker face the whole time and you could TELL he was defeated, what was she?
  • I've never seen a guy like that try it on 1 of those girls/I have, but she either didn't keep a poker face or he DID ignore it&not look down
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  • I have! HS upperclassman, brunette
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  • I have! HS upperclassman, blonde
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  • I have! College freshamn/sophomore, brunette
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  • I have! College freshman/sophomore, blonde
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  • I have! College jr/sr, brunette
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  • I have! College jr/sr, blonde
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  • Why are you always asking about this? Lol fetish?


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