Im a guy trying to grow my hair out, and have a couple questions?

so im going to grow my hair out, but first i want to get a bob, now that you know that, on to the questions, the first question is about how long (in inches) my hair would need to be in order for it to be cut into an ear or chin length bob, and the second question is about how long you think it would take for my/someones hair to grow to that length from about the length from the average pixie cut. finally what would you think of a college age guy with a legit bob? and a bonus question. should i get bangs with my bob, and if so what type of bangs should i get?


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  • If you have a pixie cut, it may take six months up to a whole year to grow it out to that hairstyle. You are going to want sidebangs with that, not blunt, or wear the bangs parted down the middle like me and let them grow out. It looks best that way. Guys may have faster growing hair due to higher testosterone levels but you can always take vitamins to speed up the process. I did and my hair is so thick and lustrous!


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  • Let me answer all of those: don't do it.

    • thats not helpfull at all

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    • its not helpful, because im asking if i SHOULD but how long it would take for my hair to get long enough, and what your opinoin of g guys with that style is, so because he didn't answer any of my questions its not helpfull at all

    • Im just telling you not to fuck uo your looks, because that hairstyle can't look good on ANYBODY. But do whatever you want.

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