Would guys date a plus sized girl?

OK so I was talking to my friend yesterday Angel and she was telling me how it's harder to find a guy when your plus size. I always thought guys liked big t*ts and asses but idk. I'm medium sized not bony and not really thick. I want to know do guys like plus sized girls? What kind of guys would be into dating them? What to look for in a guy that dates plus size girls (does he show any difference from guys who date thinner girls)?


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  • There was a question a while back (it's been removed and I can't find the picture) but a girl posted a question asking the guys to rate, in order, the women in a picture she posted. The picture was of three women standing in order of size with the skinniest on the left. The girl on the right was, in my opinion, nothing short of stunning. Amazingly beautiful. She was a size 14.

    And if I'm remembering correctly, so was Marilyn Monroe.

    Don't be fooled by the models. They have a lot of the things guys like, it's true, but you can be all those things AND not look like you're wasting away. I think the Victoria Secret models are hot but they need to eat some cheeseburgers. I'd love to take one of them out on a date - to McDonald's. "No, baby, the double Big Mac is for YOU".

    These days plus-size is starting to become more and more synonymous with normal and healthy in my eyes. I would think most guys would like "plus-sized" women. The bad news is you won't be able to spot them just by looking at them - you'll need to talk to him about it.

    Good luck!


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