What should I do about my dreadlocks and colored hair? My HR manager said I couldn't have them?

Okay so I am in the process of getting dreadlocks, and I recently got hired at a Starbucks in a hotel. RIGHT AFTER I got hired, the HR manager said that I had to do something about my "unnatural hair color" and my "dreadlocks" that they didn't accept it and that I had to change my hair color and my hair style.
I talked to the Store manager of the Starbucks as well as the hotel manager and they both said that they didn't have a problem with my dreads or my hair color as long as I wear the uniform which I am doing anyways. Who should I listen to? The HR manager or the hotel and Starbucks manager? I honestly don't mind dying my hair back to it's original color it's more of the dreadlocks I am concerned with.
Update: I didn't mention this before but my dreadlocks are a part of my religion and culture, so cutting them won't be an option.


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  • sounds like discrimination, if you don't have any store bought hair in your head then it is your natural hair.


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  • You could fight it under the cultural part. I would ask SB AND HR to have a meeting.


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