Girls, How high are the heels you most often wear out clubbing?

I normallly wear 5'' heels and end up taking them off mid way through the night. I wanted to know how other girls compared.

If you fit into two categories please select the second one (so if your answer is 5 inches please pick 5-6 inches not 4-5 inches).

Also can you wear them all night or do you have to take them off or change to other shoes?
  • No heel
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  • Less than 2 inches
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  • 2-3 inches
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  • 3-4 inches
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  • 4-5 inches
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  • 5-6 inches
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  • 6 inches or higher
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What Girls Said 3

  • No way I can last a whole evening in my higher heels... 5 inch plus I guess so bit lower... still painful after a bit tho

    • What are your highest? How long can you wear them for and then do you switch to lower heels, flats or something else?

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    • Yeah. I've done that too often! I even started wearing tights just to put a layer between me and the floor, but everything just soaks into them and they get torn to shreds on the walk home. I've taken a change of shoes out a few times but then they take up space in my bag and my heels won't fit so I have to lump them around once they've come off.

    • I know! Message me if u wanna chat more

  • I don't usually wear heels as it hurts my feet a lot and it is not comfortable to stand with them whole night.

  • They are flat


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