Starting to ask a girl out?

I'm starting a medical program in a month and I'm wondering if there's any tips for asking a girl out. I.e. when should I ask her, how to get her to notice me, talk to me, etc.

Like I don't want to be creepy and just ask a girl a couple days after knowing her, so what's a good time lapse?


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  • Well, in my opinion, there is nothing "wrong" with asking a girl out right after you meet her. To me, a date is a chance to spend some private time with them, and get to know her. As far as how, well.. Everyone has their own style. I usually just come right out with the usual "You wanna get some coffee or something?" Lets them know your interested, and if they say yes, then they know you're interested. I usually wait about a week or so after meeting them, that way I know if she has a boyfriend or not, if she might be interested in something serious or just fun, or if she is focused on getting her life in order.

  • introduce yourself, finding something in common like you class work, then build on from there like asking her interests. but maintain being mysterious, when she gets comfortable ask her out to an activity between the two you, do not take her to dinner (too romantic for a 1st date) or (movies, no one talks to each other).

    you first date should be something that's designed for both of you to have fun. check local events in your community. go to an art museum if she likes art. go to the gym if she likes working out

    good luck