Girls, What color lipstick should I wear with this outfit?

My outfit:
Oversized black t-shirt with dark blue writing
thin white turtleneck underneath
black boots
black leggings
long black blazer-style coat

My head is shaved and this outfit looks kind of guy-ish on me, so I wanted to add lipstick. I have red, and a natural, MLBB color. I'm going on a cold day out with some mates. Which would look better?


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  • If the two, red would make you look more feminine at first glance. I would love to see a pic of you. I love the shaved look, but I could never pull it off.

    • Sorry, no pics!
      But I have dark brown hair, brown skin and dark brown eyes.
      my lips are full and I used to be really insecure about them when I was younger

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    • , and thought that I couldn't pull off lipstick (especially red!) But I really wanted to try lipstick years later, and got really good advice from a MAC consultant--not just to sell the lipstick, but words on how lipstick looks awesome on full lips. I also experimented on what works for me (warm and berry-like colors I like most) and what doesn't (I don't like how matte looks on me, although it looks lovely on others--I'm more of a creme gal). But in order to learn that, I just tried it! Just how I was curious about cutting my long hair but was afraid to; not only is it easier, but really shows off my face (my eyes stand out so much more, and my 'moon face' has more shape than I thought). So, if you want to, shave your head! It'll grow back.

    • At one point I had hair to my waist. Then I cut it into a long bob, then a pixie and now shoulder length. I also just tried out two different bang styles so I definitely like trying new things. But my face doesn't have the right shape for it for many reasons.

  • navy blue

  • You can never go wrong with red.


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