Difference between hot/pretty/cute?

what is it, guys? when you describe a girl as one of the above, what's the dif? which would you rather date? does one rank higher than the others?


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  • cute is some one I'd consider dating, as in potential. Cute can be completely erased is she is or (I know this is bad) looks slutty. pretty is a word to say when I am too intimated or don't think it is appropriate to say a more meaningful word. Hot pertains to sex and physical attraction. Gorgeous is a word that sounds better than it means. Being said it still has the most meaning out of the previous answers. A girl that is physically stunning, a look that is amazing yet unexpected. But beautiful. Beautiful is a word that I rarely use, this is because it has so much meaning to me. beautiful is the whole package, I tend to look for the beautiful girl not the hot girl. this is much more than physical this a word that has love wrapped in it. I don't throw love or beautiful around, very little and girls have heard if from me and many have been very mad at me for this, but if I mean it, I mean it

    • Can you describe a "beautiful" girl or give an example? thanks btw

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  • Sorry I had to re answer because the comment box was too small.

    ...my example might be a little confusing so let me know if you want me to clarify.

    The beautiful girl doesn't look like every other girl, she's the girl that stays in your head for more than 2 minutes. You remember her hair, eyes, and most importantly smile, Not her squished t*ts, or tight jeans that makes an ass look like pudding. *I'm not taking anything away for this type of look because you will get A LOT of attention with it.

    I personally don't use the word before I get to know a girl, but (I know this is kind of what your going for), for me I see the ''type'' if you will as more hippie than tight clothes.. Not as in drug rug dirty hair, but for me long hair, and just all around happy, a look that gives off an image of "i didn't throw all day into looking way", even if you did.. Make-up (especially eyeliner) is on the low side REALLY low side, and is used really to just give vibrancy and that's it. For a beautiful girl the real important piece is the smile the look of "i may be more attractive than you, but that's not all that's important.

    This girl is genuine and she can be the hottest girl at school but with this look I don't (and I think a lot would agree) that she doesn't come off as your basic hot girl media mold, and will not be looked at as meat or an object, but more as a person...and guys approaching her will bring their a game, because they know they'll need it...

    Anyways I know this is more than what you probably wanted, but this type of girl is hard to define because you can't make an image of molding of her like you see with so many attractive girls today. This girl is highly in demand, because sooner or later all guys (...most guys) get sick of the hotty party girl.

  • Ill post in picture from:

    HOT - link

    PRETTY - link

    CUTE - link


    Now I'll explain

    Hot- basically a hot girl is a girl that doesn't wear much shows off everything and as soon as she walks into a room most of the men will think "daaaaaaaaaaaamn I want to do her"

    Pretty - A girl that covers up most of her body parts but has a nice baby face that christian type of girl kind of look. A girl that doesn't need to wear make up to look good.

    Cute - A girl that turns heads but for the right reasion not because of how much skin she is showing but because of how unique or nice she looks.

    A mix of all 3 - Is a chick that's just natrually good looking shows off some skin but not too much, wear some make up but nto too much. Is very outgoing and flirty but not easy to get into the bed.

  • Oh ya! ...I really like putting and sorting up girls in boxes. Lol

    Hot - Is a girl that is confident and proudly shows both her personality and appearence, eventhough she could be bad and mean as person, she still looks attractive.

    Pretty - Is for me a girl who is sweet looking, in a innocent but proper way, she can also be confident with her looks and appearence.

    Cute - Is a girl who are having a nice and warm personality, undependent by her looks, she could even be a bit shy or insecure of how she looks, but she is mostly looking adorable.

  • Hot--ready to do anything for a ride in a Mustang.

    Pretty--not impressed by the Mustang but giggles if you pinch her.

    Cute--Will go for a ride in the Mustang but won't sleep with a guy just in exchange for the ride.

  • Hott girls turn heads. They have an incredibly sexy body, and they make sure to wear clothes that show it off.

    Pretty girls are just as attractive as hott girls, but they are typically more conservative.

    Cute is tied more to a girls personality then her looks. If she likes to display her affection in a feminine way (crazy how many girls don't), then she's cute.


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