Is attraction overrated with girls, but everything with guys?

With girls, attraction leads them to bad boys and heartbreak... with guys, attraction leads them to beautiful young women with a bright future...

Obviously it takes time for girls to realize that attraction is overrated... but is attraction actually a big part in choosing a quality mate with guys?


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  • I think that it can go either way.

    I'm sure there are girls who are attracted to bad boys and getting screwed over, over and over again because they don't learn from their past relationship mistakes and keep falling into the same traps, falling for the same jerks. But I'm also sure there are girls who are attracted to the right kind of guys, who maintain healthy relationships with their partners. Because I do.

    And not all guys find beautiful, young women with bright futures. That doesn't really sit well with me because I'm sure there are guys out there who got into relationships with emotionally unstable, abused, depressed, or otherwise mentally unstable or even physically unappealing girls.

    Girls are attracted to bad boys like guys are attracted to bitches

    Good luck.

  • attraction is only half the part of it. for me, personality is first. if he has a great personality and he's nice and sweet and we have things in common, than I'm interested in him. if he's a hot guy than that's a bonus. if he's an okay looking guy well that's okay too.

    personality just makes all the difference, but I would have to be sexually attracted to him.

    • ...which generally means, bad boy... ;)

      thats usually what gets the girl more sexually attracted... that bad boy aura...

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    • Idk... hard to say. maybe true... but sometimes its easy to see that a girl doesn't really love the guy even tho she says she does... the kind of girls that date druggie guys or talk bad about their guy behind their back without realizing it. that's lust/attraction... not love.

      i don't see what draws girls to those type of guys anyway... last time I checked, drugs/smoking was unattractive and a total turn-off. lol :/

    • Completely agreed on that. I refuse to date anyone that drinks/drugs/smokes. it's a turn off and I have better ways to watch someone die and act stupid and treat me horrible. it's a stupid habit.

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