Should you let your clay masks dry?

So I was reading up on the ~best~ ways to use a clay mask and ran into some confusion. Some sites say absolutely let the whole mask dry through and some say to wash it off when it's only tacky and you feel it tightening :/

Not even dermatologists can agree! Do you have any thoughts or insights?
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  • No you shouldn't wear it any longer than 20 minutes. If it drys than you just got dirt all over your face and it will dry up your skin.

    • I live right next to the ocean. My mask isn't even close to dry in 20 minutes so it's really confusing 😱

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    • I think the length of time depends on the product but you shouldn't let it dry.

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  • i dont know anything about this, but im commenting here to let you know that i care :D

  • This subject is too dirty for me.

    • Clay used for masks is usually clean enough to eat and people use them to help with bowl infections.

    • Clean enough to eat? No thanks I'm not hungry.

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  • I want to know too, and do yours leave your skin red? My face stays red for like a day and half after and I can't decide if I should abandon it or give it a month. I'm new to them lol

    • Oh my gosh! Is be worried about an allergic reaction or if you're leaving it on too long with that. Are you moisturizing after? What kind do you use?

      I use benonite clay mixed with ACV and the redness goes away with an hour of washing it off and I'd say I have moderately sensitive skin.

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    • I tested wet vs. dry and OMG do NOT let it dry all the way. I burned myself SO BAD. Like it looked like a horrible sunburn and took a few days to fade XD So yeah wash it off when it's still tacky.

    • Thank you so much!

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