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Hello ladies,

My pic is in my profile if you wanna go straight there.

I am moderately shy guy who doesn't have much experience with girls. Not the strongest self confidence out there.

I have been very focused on my career that I forgot that I needed someone. Now I am older , 33 . Before you start to wonder what the hell have I been doing all this time ... I would like to say that I come originally from the middle east .. So it is not very usual to date there. 6 years ago I came to Denmark and I have been focusing on my career ever since. But now I feel I should focus on my love life and find someone.

So yes , I know I am a late bloomer . That is mainly due to the culture I was raised in .

My personality is that I am kind , but I know what I want. I want to love someone and we both enjoy our hobbies and activities on the side as well. I do not cheat and don't like cheaters. Like to protect my woman . I would like to stress that am not a bitter person . I firmly believe that women cannot help to be attracted to certain types of men. Bad boys or whatever... One can't control attraction and it is silly to be bitter. I have been rejected one time before ( haven't tried much ) But I know that I have missed some opportunities that was receptive as well . I would say my down side is that I don't have much experience. This is also due that in the past years it has been hard to form a social network in my new society .

But of course all of the above you wouldn't know when I just probably ask you out for a date or meet you on the bus station .

So I guess you can have a look in my pic and see if I am someone whom you can agree to go on a date with.

Thanks and have a nice one

Btw .. iam not gay in any shape or form . 100% straight male.


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  • I may not have the "right" equipment but I think from you picture you look TOO stylish.. To be precise, in a polite way as possible, you look gay. The way you stand, with your shoulders hunched, legs spread and hands on the waist in a feminine way.

    You don't have "presence" you don't own the place..

    My guess that's probably how you project yourself meaning you are percevied as weak.

    Try to stand up straight, both feet grounded, slightly smaller scarf... watches are the only accessories that can be big on a man... Nothing else..

    You sound like you have a good attitude in life but IMO its thoses little things..

    • Hey man .. thanks for the input. I am by no means gay... hehe ..but I do like to care for my style... now I don't really dress like that most of the time. Just happened at that day . I am not weak really and the place that I am in is my own so I am a bit relaxed.

      But I appreciate your input really. I am not sure I quite understood what you mean't by ''watch'' comment .

    • I know you are not weak your own words about yourself.. i.e you are not willing to conform to the "bad boy" image... but if your project otherwise it can appear as faking it...

      The watch thing is your scarf is too big, rarely do men look good with big accessories... e.g look at rappers and their big chains.. The only big accessory that looks good on men is a watch..

    • Hey man .. really appreciate the input !

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  • your cute. :]

    theres something about you that makes you seem as if you would be the guy who sits at a cafe reading the gossip part in a newspaper...

  • Ok I think you are cute but lose the the and the scarf.. and I think you would get more dates.. if you want 2 wear a hat wear a ball cap.. us souther bells like our men in jeans boots and a t-shirt.. no high maintainace as long as they treat as like a lady.

  • What are you? A hipster? >:(

    You're cute, lose the silly hipster scarf and hat though. :P

    • Hey thanks for your reply ! what is a hipster? lol

    • "Oh just a form of style you've probably never heard of." Basically someone who dresses...hip. "87 degrees outside? Let me get my scarf!" o.o google it.

  • I am not sure of the style in Denmark but in the US you would probably be thought of as a gay man in that outfit. You are cute though and it sounds like you are confident guy so I am sure once you put your mind to it you will have no problem.

  • you're not a bad looking guy, but your style makes you look like you try too hard and might possibly be gay. cool out on the accessories a bit.

    • Thanks really.

      Yeah well it seems every body is agreeing that the scarf is a gay thing . Or may be the fashion here in Scandenavia is making men look more femenin. I should slow down and watch it then lol.

      But if we remove the scarf and ofcourse the hat , would you go on a date with me ?

    • You would look much better w/o the accessories, probably. you're in denmark? oh it might be regional tastes. I'm in the united states and men tend to not be as wild with accessories so that is what made me think gay. I think european style for men may be a bit different

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