Would you rather a cute or hot girl be in a magazine?

So I was waiting with a few other people to leave work today while my manager was finishing doing something in the back and this one guy was flipping through a magazine and I guess they happened to have the same model in multiple ads and he goes, "This girl is hot but not cute." But the way he said it he sounded disappointed like he'd rather have seen a cute girl in multiple ads than a hot one. I get that generally the difference between cute and hot is that you'd rather date a cute girl and f*ck a hot girl but would you rather see a hot girl or a cute girl in a magazine?


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  • A hot girl makes for great eye-candy.

    Her value to a guy is very limited.

    He can show her off to his friends, implying "look who I'm having sex with". He can have sex with her, which satisfies a high-school insecurity of being able to have sex with the head cheerleader or hottest girl in the class; and now he feels more sexy or worth it as a man; sexually.

    But after those two emotional insecurities have been satisfied; the hot girl actually serves no purpose to a guy. She's very costly to acquire & maintain, doesn't appreciate him or respect him, and the sex just isn't that good. In short, the cost most definitely exceeds any benefits. She's over-priced. And guys are all about value.

    Like my father in Costco. Why pay $98 for A&F jeans, when I can get the same quality (or sometimes better-quality) jeans for just $12? If a guy has a lingering emotional need, he will feel the $98 jeans are worth it. If he doesn't though, he'll prefer the $12 jeans. Not because they cost less. But because the benefits (in this case, quality) simply exceeds the price. He's getting more VALUE.

    That's what "cute" means to guy.

    Cute mean, she's not ugly. So your friends & family won't look down on you or feel sorry for you for dating her. It means that she still turns you on physically & sexually, but she also tugs at your heart strings and turns you on emotionally too.

    It means that in addition to the very frequent & great sex you both have, it's someone who you want to call your girlfriend, and actually enjoy doing non-sex stuff with. You enjoy doing couple-things with, because, well, the two of you are cute.

    Every guy has a relationship fantasy too you know. And the hot supermodel that dominates ad after ad on every magazine just doesn't fit the part.


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